Simulator Instructions

Follow the instructions below to turn on the simulator.

SkyTrak Image.png

Step 1

Turn on the overhead projector using the white remote on the iPad stand.

Step 2

Turn on SkyTrack (black metal box on ground) by pressing the button on the side of the unit.

Step 3

Wake up or turn on iPad (To wake-up iPad, press the home button twice.  If the iPad is powered off, turn on by long pressing the Power Button.

Step 4

Once iPad is on, open the SkyTrak application.

Step 5

If prompted, log-in as j.shawngarrison as this is the master account

Step 6

Once the SkyTrak has connected to the iPad, the network icon in the bottom middle of the SkyTrak app will be green and you are good to choose your mode of play.

skytrak app image.png

To Play Golf

  1. In order to play a golf course, you have to first connect the SkyTrak to the iPad by following the steps above.

  2. To verify the SkyTrak has connected, The SkyTrak application will show Green Network Mode in the bottom middle of the screen.

  3. After the SkyTrak has connected, swipe up from the bottom of the iPad and close the SkyTrak application.

  4. Open the desired golf simulator application, E6 or WTG.  E6 allows you to play golf with multiple players.  WGT only allows single play.

e6 app image.png
wtg app image.png

Tips and Tricks

Proper Reading of Shots

  1. The SkyTrak machine works best when it is level AND as low as possible. It’s a good idea to lower the feet all the way down, then raise where necessary to get it level using the bubble level.

  2. Make sure you place the golf ball approximately 1/2 inch behind the red dot.

  3. The SkyTrak does not like very low shots or shots where the club face is very closed / hooded. So your big ole hooks might not read.


SkyTrak Losing Connectivity

Do not have multiple programs running at once as they will conflict with each other as they both try to connect with the SkyTrak

  1.  When you first get to your bay, swipe up on the iPad and close ALL programs. If someone before you left E6 or WTG running, it will interfere with your session.

  2. Once you iPad is clean (no programs open), open up the SkyTrak software and get it to connect in Network Mode.

  3. If you are going to practice in the SkyTrak software, you are good to go. However, if you want to go to E6 or WTG, do the following:

    • Swipe up on the iPad and close out of the SkyTrak software

    • Open up either E6 or WTG and play

    • If you decide to go back to SkyTrak, you should not leave E6 or WTG open. Those programs will compete with SkyTrak and you will have issues


Projector Not Projecting

When the iPad has been restarted, it does not like to pick up the projector input. If this happens, simply unplug the white dongle in the side of the iPad and plug it back in. The projector will be picked up and begin displaying.


SkyTraks Cross Connecting

  • If two people start up a SkyTrak at the same time, there is a chance that they cross connect. Your 300 yard drive will show on your neighbors screen and his 100 yard pitch will show on yours.

  • If this happens, one of you must shut down and let the SkyTrak find the correct iPad.

  • This can also happen if someone has left SkyTrak, E6 or WTG running on another bay from an earlier session. It is very important for everyone to completely close out of all programs when you are done with your range session.