Simulator Instructions

Follow the instructions below to turn on the simulator.

iPad Image.png
SkyTrak Image.png

Step 1

Turn on the overhead projector using the white remote on the iPad stand.

Step 2

Turn on SkyTrack (black metal box on ground) by pressing the button on the side of the unit.

Step 3

Wake up or turn on iPad (To wake-up iPad, press the home button twice.  If the iPad is powered off, turn on by long pressing the Power Button.

Step 4

Once iPad is on, open the SkyTrak application.

Step 5

If prompted, log-in as j.shawngarrison as this is the master account

Step 6

Once the SkyTrak has connected to the iPad, the network icon in the bottom middle of the SkyTrak app will be green and you are good to choose your mode of play.

skytrak app image.png

To Play Golf

  1. Follow the steps above.

  2. After the SkyTrak has connected, you can press the home button and open the E6 or WGT application (depending on which bay you are in)

  3. E6 allows you to play golf with multiple players.  WGT only allows single play.

wtg app image.png
Skytrak connected image.jpg
e6 app image.png